Anti Criminality Innovations

       The necessity of discipline within the society has long been a vision of Butuan City Police Office. The organization believes that it is through discipline that a peaceful and progressive Butuan may be achieved. The program emphasizes that mere conformity to city ordinances imposing discipline such as crossing in pedestrian lanes, wearing helmet when driving a motorcycle, throwing the trash in the appropriate bins, smoking in designated areas, parking in accordance to traffic laws, following the curfew and regulation of alcoholic liquor consumption has significant contribution in the downtrend of crime incidence in Butuan City. For the year (2019), there is a decrease of 230 incidents or 21.13% as compared to previous year (2018). Butuanon Ako, Disiplinado Ako” aims to revive and uplift the culture of discipline as a bridge towards real change and to put into practice the real concept of governance where citizens are encouraged to help achieve the country’s growth. The road towards a safer community is one that the government and the people alike are treading towards a safer Butuan City. “JUNIOR POLICE” As part of BCPO’s efforts in promoting the whole-of-nation approach in solving local communist armed conflict, the agency has gathered more than 400 youths from 31 national high schools in Butuan City and involved them in the three-day Junior Police Boot Camp 2019 from October 23-25, 2019 held at Taligaman National High School. The PNP personnel inculcated in the minds of the youths the importance of being disciplined and responsible and keeping the spirit of volunteerism. These youths have been active partners of BCPO’s Community Affairs Branch (CAB) in its school based programs in combating gangsterism, bullying, and Communist-Terrorist Groups (CTGs) recruitment in schools.


       On October 10, 2019, Virgilio T. Lincuna, Head of Peasant Bureau, RUC, RWAC, NEMRC and Front Chairman of Unyon sa mga Mag-uuma sa Agusan del Norte (UMAN) was arrested at Brgy. Tiniwisan, Butuan City for the crime of Attempted Murder. The subject had been in hiding for quite sometime in the neighboring provinces and through the tip from BINs, the top leader of the Regional White Area Committee was finally nabbed.  Likewise, Militia ng Bayan key persons of GF4-A- Edilberto Libot and Dario Cubillas who have been operating in the southwestern areas of Butuan City, were apprehended by personnel of Butuan City Police Station 5 last December 2019. Moreover, on January 14, 2019, 11 NPA members from SRC-1, SMRC and GF-14 (SRC) 1914 “SOUTHLAND” surrendered to the folds of the government which was facilitated by personnel of City Intelligence Branch, BCPO, Butuan City Mobile Force Company and Regional Intelligence Unit 13. They also surrendered, one M203 grenade launcher.

Resource Management

Butuan City Police Office is recipient to Php28,340,240.00 financial support from the City LGU for its Maintenance and Operating Expenses (MOOE) requirements and Php1,260,000.00 worth of fixtures and equipment for its activities for fiscal year 2019.

As part of its logistical management program, BCPO regularly conducts the following activities during first Saturday rank inspections and during the withdrawal of their RCA:

  1. Completeness and proper caring of Police Individual Equipment;
  2. Proper Maintenance of investigative equipment;
  3. Proper maintenance of issued firearms;
  4. Proper maintenance of issued transportation equipment;
  5. Proper maintenance of communication equipment; and
  6. Conduct of inspection of PNP uniform and paraphernalia during the withdrawal of RCA.

Despite the generous assistance extended by the City Government, the same is still insufficient for the many programs and activities queued in the BCPO Action Plan, which compelled BCPO to implement measures to ensure that the support received are used in its maximum purpose. Some of these measures are the following:

  1. Replacement of fluorescent lamp to LED/CFL bulb;
  2. Refrain from using electric stove instead use of LPG gas stove;
  3. Scheduled switch off of air conditioning units and lights when not in use; and
  4. Inclusion of periodic checking of faucets after office hours to daily duties of the Duty PNCO/ SDO. The practice enabled the prompt repair of defective faucets and leaking pipes, resulting in the decrease of water bill.


Improve Crime Prevention

     For the period January to December 2019, the recorded crime volume is 968. This is significantly lower by 187 incidents or 16.19% as compared to same period in 2018 with 1,155 incidents.  Index crimes decreased by 44 incidents or 13.9% while Non-index crimes decreased by 143 incidents or 17.04%. This is attributed to the intensified crime prevention efforts of all police stations, to include the conduct of daily Oplan Bakal/Sita, strong checkpoints, 24-hour foot and mobile patrol, and PCR activities. As shown, BCPS 1, BCPS 3 and BCPS 4 are the major crime contributors of Butuan City for the period covering January to December 31, 2019 with 37.79% and 23.14% share respectively. The Crime Clearance Efficiency (CCE) and Crime Solution Efficiency (CSE) have also continuously improved This office conducted 1,300 checkpoint operations with one checkpoint maintained 24 hours daily at Brgy. Bancasi since May 2017 pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No.  216 dated May 23, 2017 declaring the entire Islands of Mindanao under Martial Law and 3,054 Oplan Bakal/Sita implementing AO 122 “No Plate No Travel Policy”, RA 4136 (Traffic Rules and Regulations) and verification of the authenticity of the OR, CR and Driver’s licenses which resulted to the issuance of 21,146 TCTs for the said violations. The frequent conduct of checkpoints and Oplan Sita also persuaded motorcycle drivers to use helmets while driving, and acquire authentic and updated driver’s license and vehicle OR/CR, aside from the restriction of movements of motorcycle-riding criminals


Accomplishment on Anti-Illigal Drugs

    On BCPO’s campaign against violation of special laws, the following are our accomplishments: For violation of R.A. 9165, a total of 85 positive operations were conducted for the period covering the months of January to December 2018 resulting in the arrests of 87 users/pushers, two drug personalities died during police operations. The successful operations also resulted in the confiscation of 250.43 grams of shabu and 31.09 grams of marijuana with a total DDB Value of Php 2,957,344.49.


     On the campaign against illegal gambling (PD 1602 as amended by RA 9287), 99 operations were conducted that resulted in the apprehension of 182 persons and the confiscation of six Fruit game Machines and 29 game fowls. Of the 99 positive operations conducted against illegal gambling, 51 involved swertres. Further, a total of Php 92,240.00 bet money was also confiscated.


On campaign against Illegal Possession of Firearms (RA 8294), 18 operations have been conducted resulting in the arrests of 13 persons and confiscation of 23 firearms, all under the custody of BCPO. 15 are short arms, 6 are light weapons and 2 are replica. Four short firearms were voluntarily surrendered.


On our commitment in keeping Butuan City a safer place to live and do business with, 551 persons with standing Warrants of Arrest were put behind bars, of these, 21 were considered Most Wanted Persons of Butuan City.


On our commitment in keeping Butuan City a safer place to live and do business with, 551 persons with standing Warrants of Arrest were put behind bars, of these, 21 were considered Most Wanted Persons of Butuan City.


14 violent incidents were recorded from January to December 2019 involving nine encounters between CPP-NPA Terrorists (CNTs) and the forces of the PNP with the Philippine Army in the hinterlands of Butuan City operated by SECOM21-NEMRC and GF4A. There were also five shooting incidents believed to be perpetrated by CNTs against SCAA and persons who were former CNT sympathizers but had returned to the folds of the government.   For the period also, 8 major combat operations, 25 minor combat operations and 97 Combat Security Patrols have been conducted by Butuan City Mobile Force in collaboration with 23IB Philippine Army.