BCPO Seal and Symbolism



          By the late 1940s to the 1970s, Butuan’s industry specialized in timber, earning it the nickname, “Timber City of the South”. The plentiful trees of the area invited many investors to the city, and inspired then-congressman Marcos M. Calo to file a bill elevating Butuan for cityhood. On August 2, 1950, this was passed converting Butuan into a city. However, by the early 1980s, the logging industry of the city began to decline, although the city was still an economic haven to many investors. The city’s main income by that time frame and until this day depended on small and medium business, and large-scale projects by investors. In February 7, 1995, the city was reclassified from a chartered city to a Highly Urbanized city. 16 days later, on February 23, the region of Caraga was created by virtue of Republic Act 7901, with Butuan as its regional center, and the provincial capital of Agusan del Norte. In 2000, Republic Act 8811 formally transferred the capital of Agusan del Norte from Butuan to Cabadbaran, however most provincial offices are still located in the city. As Official Seal of the City of Butuan reflects the continuity of tradition, idealism, exuberance and progress of the City and a running commentary on the social, economic, cultural and political life of the City of Butuan and the community. Sawmills and logs depicts the economic history of the City. Prawns represent the burgeoning sunshine industry of aquaculture. The Map represents the territorial jurisdiction of the City. Balangay Boat proclaims in themselves a national heritage, a unique phenomenon known all over the world, a tell-tale evidence of a once flourishing trading community since pre-historic times. Cross and silloute of a missionary depicts Butuan as the legitimate site of the First Christian Mass of Philippine Soil, symbol of the dawning of Christianity in the Far East. Laurel leaves connotes the natural mirth, good-naturedness, and peace loving trait of the City of Butuan and the community; it embodies the hopes and aspirations of its people for peace and tranquility. Butuan City Police Office (BCPO) logo/seal for GOA and its emblem, symbol and to include meaning and the color wherein the Official Seal of Butuan City is placed at the center. The Shield/Kalasag symbolize the protection of the citizenry. Red symbolizes energy, it motivated the PNP personnel of BCPO with courage and bravery. White means simplicity, protection and safety of our community. Yellow represents hope, cheerfulness, honor and loyalty of its personne. Black represents authority, vigor and strength to accomplish the given task and mission without fail. The PRO 13 abbreviation or Police Regional Office 13 placed below the Official Seal of the City of Butuan is the main headquarters which is located in Brgy Libertad, Butuan City. For the maneuvering unit of BCPO, the Butuan City Mobile Force Company and also for the field service uniform to be use by BCPO personnel are the same emblem as to symbol, color and its meaning. The only difference is the color used that is brown and olive drab green is predominant. Green means courage, will to fight/defend and protect and restore humanity specially during arm conflict and insurgency. Brown evokes a sense of strength, reliability, resilience, dependability, security and safety.